Sunday, January 06, 2008

Jessie's Basketball Tournament Saturday

Saturday was the final game in Jessie's school basketball tournament. What a stressful game...I swear Jessie ends up with the ball in the final seconds of so many games! This game was a well called game by the refs, which made it a very enjoyable game to watch.

The last few minutes of the game were SO close & on-the-edge-of-your-seat exciting. We were down by 2 points & the opposing team was stalling with the ball. Jeff was trying his hardest to get his voice heard..."Foul them!"...which was also what the coach was telling the girls (so that the time would stop & we'd have a chance to get the ball back instead of trying to chase the ball around the court as they passed & passed).

Fast forward to the LAST SECONDS of the game...

One of Jessie's team mates got fouled with only a few seconds on the board & she had two free throws. I commented to Jeff that I was "glad Jessie wasn't the one trying to make the last winning points of the game--she seems to be in that position all the time!"

Shannon missed both shots & we were still 2 behind. Jessie got the rebound on Shannon's 2nd shot & with ONE second left, Jessie put the ball up but didn't score. BUT...refs blew the whistle and called a foul on the other team, meaning Jessie WOULD yet again be the shooter trying to score the last points of the game to win. It just kills me when she's in that position...the stress!

Anyway--although she missed her first shot, the 2nd one went right in. Although it didn't win the game (we lost by 1 point), we were SOOOOOOO proud of Jessie. One, she had an amazing game & played her heart out. Two, she didn't buckle under the stress of making the "winning" shot. She focused & did her best...and we couldn't be more proud!!

If you notice from the video, since there was no time left in the game when Jessie's last free throws were happening, the refs went ahead & moved all the other girls to the back of the court. So it was Jessie at the line, by herself, trying to win the game. STRESSFUL....but again...she didn't buckle & she just plain ROCKED!!!

After her game, we went to lunch with Jessie, Denise, & Austen and had a great afternoon. I hope Jessie understood how proud of her we were/are. :)

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