Monday, December 31, 2007

The Un-Intended New Year's Resolution...Completed!

I personally don't ever make a New Year's Resolution. For me, I think they're silly. If I'm not motivated to do it on any other day of the year, what's so special about January 1st (other than it's the start of a new year)? Why not start something on May 1st? Or Christmas day?

Last year, I set out on a year long project beginning January 1st, with the intention of completing it by December 31st. I guess that makes it a New Year's resolution of sorts, huh?

What was the project? To take a picture of Reese every single day of the year & assemble it into a printed book from

I'm SO excited to say that I have one space left in this 100+ page book....saved for tonight when we have our Modified-For-A-Four-Year-Old New Year's Eve celebration (think 9:00pm).

Around June, I wasn't sure if I could continue the project. It was becoming slightly tedious trying to A) take a picture of Reese every single day that was worth printing & B) remembering to update the photo book every few days with the newest pictures.

But, I stuck with it (isn't that what a New Year's Resolution is all about?) and was thrilled to begin the December pages earlier this month. I had rounded the corner & my goal was almost finished!

There were still a few loose ends to tie up. I wanted to make some sort of meaningful dedication page to Reese...something that was really special & came from the heart. I stumbled across an E.E. Cummings poem in one of my chick lit books a few weeks ago that just fit the bill. I also snapped the perfect picture for the cover in October. I worried that I would NEVER find a good enough picture of Reese that was both in focus AND had a smiling child at the same time. But sure enough, persistence paid off & I caught a great one of him, close up, on the teeter totter at the pumpkin patch.

So as I enter the last picture of the year tonight & make the final tweaks (take care of those pesky red eye in some of the pictures), I'll be placing my order for the "A Year In Pictures 2007" of Reese Williams.

Now, the debate in my head which I have exactly 24 hours to decide. Do I want to embark on this journey again next year? Will I kick myself if I don't do one of these books every year from here until eternity? Perhaps there's some other nifty way to record Reese's yearly journey without taking 365 pictures.

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