Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Stork

I checked out Christmas in the Stable by Beverly K. Duncan from the library because it sounded interesting. The poems are all told from the animal's point of view as they lived in the stable & wondered what was happening when Mary came & Jesus was born.

The Stork
-Old English Ballad

The Stork she rose on Christmas Eve
And said unto her brood,
"I now must fare to Bethlehem
To view the Son of God."

She gave to each his dole of meat,
She stowed them fairly in,
And fair she flew and fast she flew,
And came to Bethlehem.

"Now where is He of David's line?"
She asked at house and hall,
"He is not here," they spake hardly,
"But in the manger stall."

She found Him in the manger stall
With that most holy maid;
The gentle Stork she wept to see
The Lord so rudely laid,

Then from her panting breast she plucked
The feathers white and warm;
She strewed hem in the manger bed
To keep the Lord from harm.

"Now blessed be the gentle Stork
Forever more," quoth He,
"For that she saw my sad estate,
And showed pity.

"Full welcome shall she ever be
In hamlet and in hall,
And called henceforth the Blessed Bird
And friend of babies all."


eriksse said...

The Stork is my favorite all-time Christmas song. It leaves one with a wonderful feeling. The first time I sang it was in second grade back in 1956.

eriksse said...

I love this Christmas song.I heard it for the first time when I was in second grade in 1956 and it has haunted me in a very warm way since.