Thursday, December 06, 2007

Little Things Make A Difference....

Another quick thought on Disney...

One of the reasons we love (OK, even adore) Disney is the level of quality they maintain, & the attitudes of their Cast Members in particular.

Reese's favorite ride at MGM is the Tower of Terror. Not many 4 year olds even want to ride it, & even fewer 4 year olds who are wering a Chicago Bears jersey that matched Mom & Dad. So we were somewhat easy to remember as we came back through the line a total of 8 times to ride the ToT.

Luckily, the beginning of December is a LOW crowd time & we were able to do our 8 trips through the ToT in about 3 hours. Unheard of in the summer. You'd be lucky to get two rides in 3 hours.

Anyway--After our second or third trip, a kind CM named Joy recognized us & pulled us out of the "walk off" area, took us around a special back elevator, & right back up to the front of the line.

She noticed us again & pulled us aside to take us into the control room of the ToT, where we got to see all the monitors used to watch the rides in real time, all the controls, etc. No funny stuff...they have infrared cameras & watch every single ride!

The last time Reese rode to ToT & we were set to leave, Joy was at the exit, heard me say "That was our last time" & asked if we wanted one more ride. Of course, we couldn't say we were whisked up again into the special elevator & brought back to the front of the line.

As we left the ride for the 8th (and last!) time, Joy told Reese to wait just a second & she came back out with a coloring booklet & crayon for Reese.

None of these were official "Magical Moments" that Disney is promoting. They were simply acts of kindness from Joy. She didn't have to do any of it. I hope Joy knows that she made an impact on our family & our day at MGM.

We're heading back to Disney with Reese & Jessie in January & we're going to bring a little gift for Joy. Hoping she'll be working the ToT that day...because the few little things she did for Reese were so very kind. Thank you, Joy!

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