Friday, December 28, 2007

It's all starting to make sense now....

File this under the "Probably more than I want to know about Heather" category:

I've always been a "picker"...I loved to pick my scabs as a kid. I've got scars on my feet from ant bites that I picked & picked as a kid. I drive my poor child half crazy by picking...ears, noses, skin...if it's dirty or looks like it doesn't belong on him, I pick. When we were kids & sunburns were OK, I would be the happy volunteer to peel the dead skin off people's backs. I'm the gross person who loves to pick at pimples (you know you like doing it too!) & feel SO satisfied if I can find a big 'ole black head to get rid of.

So it's no surprise that one of my favorite gifts from Santa is the PedEgg! It's like a cheese grater for your feet. And it's got a nifty little dead-skin holder attached so your scrapings don't fall onto the floor. Instead, you get to open the catcher & marvel at your glorious foot shavings before you throw them away. I could PedEgg myself all day. I love seeing how much dead stuff comes off!

I even told Jeff I'd pay him a quarter to eat it...but that's a story for another day (one that he did NOT take me up on!)

I didn't realize until tonight that there's probably a genetic connection between my love of picking & Reese's conversation with Mommy from today.

I think I need to go scrub my feet now anyway...

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