Sunday, December 02, 2007

Oh the joy...

Forever...ever since I've know about Blogs...I've wanted a spiffy Blog Header like I've seen elsewhere. How the heck did people get their own pictures, text, special borders, etc. on their Blogs? It's been a complete mystery. Until this morning!

When I noticed my friend Holly's Blog had a new, nifty personalized header, I was even more inspired to figure it out myself!

So...while Reese watched SpongeBob SquarePants, & Jessie was sleeping/waking up, I delved into the Google World & asked my many questions.

Lo and behold, about 3 hours later I was done! I had found a site to re-size my picture (PiccyFix), uploaded the picture to PiccyFix & played with all the color changes, sizing options, & what not until it was the proper size for the Blog.

Now I had my picture, but wasn't sure how to add the words I wanted. Blogger will only let you slap them across the top of your header picture, but it covered Austen's face unless I made the font really small, which was ugly.

How to fix? I uploaded a free photo editing software (PhotoScape) and played with that a tiny bit. PhotoScape is completely user-friendly & it only took me about 5 minutes to arrange the text the way I wanted, find a border I liked for the header, & save the picture. AWESOME!!!

Imagine my delight when I uploaded the new header, & it appeared as what you see above. I am so beside myself with happiness. I usually can't figure these types of things out!

When Reese naps, I'm off to change the header of his Blog to something more interesting.


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