Sunday, November 04, 2007


Jessie had one heck of a volleyball weekend!

Thursday through Saturday involved a volleyball tournament. Jessie's school team won the two games on Thursday night, which won them a spot to play at 10AM on Saturday morning.

Since her school was hosting the tournament, Coach wanted them at the school at 8:30AM, which meant we had to leave our house at 8AM sharp. Which meant Jessie had to get up at 7AM. On a Saturday. We all had an early start that day!

Jessie's team won the 10AM game which slated them in the Finals at Noon. Jessie really pulled her team through the 10AM game & won the last game with her awesome serves. The last game of the tournament was hard fought, and Jessie had some impressive kills & even more impressive serves. No luck though, as they lost the 3rd round of the game & took 2nd place in the tourney.

With a team full of girls in tears, we said goodbye to Jessie for the day since Denise was taking Jessie to a League Volleyball tryout from 2:00-4:00.

After playing two tournament games Saturday morning, Jessie was at a disadvantage simply because she was tired! But she worked hard & although wasn't picked to be on the team that day, she was asked to return to Sunday's tryout from 6:00-8:00. While it was nice to be asked back for another practice, it was frustrating that Jessie had gone through the two hour try-out/practice after working so hard all day long already!

So this morning, Jessie woke up with a scratchy throat & sill worn pretty smooth from Saturday. Denise took Jessie to her tryouts tonight & was proud & relieved to call us to say that Jessie was invited to join the team!

Denise said that the Coach really worked one on one with the girls, & even gave Jessie some technique tips on her spikes. Once Jessie got her timing perfected, she was unstoppable! I am so proud of Jessie for working SO hard during the tryouts even though she'd played multiple games many days in a row, & she didn't feel well. What a trooper!

The new team is called Ignite & the tournaments are twice a month against other local leagues. She's also got practice on Sunday & Tuesday nights, so this is a big time commitment.

Add to that Jessie's school basketball tryouts this coming week after school, & we've got one BUSY girl on our hands!

Way to go Jessie!!

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