Monday, November 26, 2007


This past weekend was the first time Austen has been back home since he moved to college in August. We were all so excited to have him home for so many days & he kept telling us we'd be surprised at how he's changed.

The first thing we noticed was the physical changes. He's started going to the gym daily, & physically he's changed a lot! He just looked so good & put must be the girls :)

What didn't appear right at first, but was the most amazing surprise, was the changes that have happened within.

In the past, Austen would rather be in his room, alone, playing computer games. He'd come out to eat & if he was out here to talk you could just "feel" the longing to go back to his games.

This time, however, he hardly spent any time in his room playing games. A great majority of the time, we were all together, playing games, talking, relaxing, laughing. I loved that we got more of Austen...he is such a beautiful person & spending time with him is always heartwarming.

College has really changed Austen. Independence has done him a world of good. When I talked to him on Sunday, we laughed about how college is what is "normal" now & coming back here is out of the ordinary. He was even excited to get back to the gym on Sunday.

We've only got a few weeks until Christmas & then he's home for about a month. He wants to get a job over Christmas here, & I know that's a great idea. But part of me wants him not to get a job so that we can have some uninterrupted time together for the entire month!

We are so very proud.....

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