Tuesday, October 09, 2007


It's impossible to escape the media's version of "pretty" and "normal". What's sad though is that what is being fed to our young girls' brains is not real. It's fabricated, tweaked, computer generated, unrealistic examples of what "beauty" is.

Dove has come out with two powerful, short videos. The first shows just how NORMAL the model looks, & how DISTORTED the final picture becomes. You would never identify these two women as the SAME person:

The second video gives a snipet of all the garbage being fed to our young girls (boys too, but I think girls are the target of the vast majority of this). Girls hear daily that they're not skinny enough, made up enough, have shiny enough hair, smooth enough skin, big enough boobs, white enough teeth, long enough eye lashes, plump enough lips....does the list ever stop? It's on billboards, magazine covers, newspaper ads, TV commercials, internet pop-ups, emails (do I really need a bigger penis?). It's so hard to escape.

I'm glad at least one company sees this crazy advertisement of what's "ideal" and is doing something about it. Good for you, Dove.


Melissa Markham said...

Amen! And praises to Dove!

Anonymous said...

Oh, these are such great videos!! I will post them on my site as well - as this is such an important issue! Thanks for sharing.