Saturday, September 22, 2007

Weekend Volleyball Tourney

Friday & Saturday, Jessie had a volleyball tournament.

Due to a schedule change that we didn't know about, we went to three different schools before we found Jessie's tournament on Friday, meaning we missed the entire two games. Ugh. But, her team won & Jessie ROCKED! She scored over 30 points total with her serving...way to go Jess!

On Saturday, Jeff went to Jessie's game while I took Reese to a birthday party. Again--Jessie rocked! Today, Jessie's team lost the first game but came back strong & won the second. During the second game the score was 24-22 and Jessie's serve scored the winning point. They lost the last game of the match and therefore ended their tournament games.

I so wish I could have filmed some movies of Jessie to put with the story. She had some of the best playing she's ever done!!!

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