Saturday, September 29, 2007

We Got To Visit Austen!

We finally got to visit Austen!!!

Friday morning, we headed out and made the 4+ hour trip to San Marcos. We arrived in town around 2:30, checked into our hotel & relaxed until picking Austen up at 5:00 at his dorm.

When we pulled up to Tower Hall, I called Aus on his cell phone & told him we were out front. Out comes Austen, followed by a big handful of his new friends. He introduced all of us to his friends & although I had my camera in hand, I didn't take a group picture...I didn't want to embarrass Austen. Later he said he wouldn't have cared, so I wished I had just done it anyway!

It was so wonderful to give Aus a big hug & see him again. It seems like he's been gone much longer than just 7 weeks--he's changed so much (in a good way) already!

I told Austen I'd give him some $$ for a haircut if he got it cut before we arrived, and look what we found!!!:

Aus said he hadn't cut his hair since we took him to school 7 weeks ago (it was already pretty long), so I can only imagine how LONG it had become. We love his new haircut, & he said "so did the ladies" :) We had plans to go to Joe's Crab Shack, which used to be Peppers On The Falls for those native Austin-ites. Sadly, Joe's Crab Shack changed just weeks ago to a different restaurant that nobody wanted to go to, so Reese suggested Chili's & we decided to go there.

Everyone was very, very glad to see Austen & talk with him, but I think the novelty wore off for Reese. At Chili's, we wanted to hear all about Austen's classes, friends, activities, etc. & Reese didn't like the spotlight on someone else :)

Aus has made some good friends, & he rarely plays video games now. Instead, he spends time with his hall-mates, having fun...and of course going to class & studying. But it's sure a major change from what he did here at home!

After we left Chili's, we headed to Austen's dorm to help him carry up some treats, clothes, & supplies we brought with us.

Austen & Reese going into Austen's room...

When we helped Austen move to college, Denise, Jessie, & I made sure to help unpack Austen's room nice & orderly. We all weren't sure how long it would last. That question was answered today. Apparently, Austen's closet threw up:
Let's see...the next time we'll see Aus will be over Thanksgiving break. Just about two months away...I wonder what other new changes we'll see in him. It truly seemed like we left a boy and came back to find someone who had grown A LOT in such a short time. He's keeping his nose clean, but having some good fun & we're so proud. Jeff said he has officially stopped worrying! Here's counting down to Thanksgiving!!!!

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