Saturday, August 04, 2007


Jessie, Reese, & I had a great time with Playdough today. After Reese tried to taste the Playdough, and I told him you can't eat it, he asked if there is playdough that you can eat. I told him I could find a recipe for edible playdough online probably, and after searching, I found a recipe for Kool Aid Playdough that we had all the ingredients for.

Kool Aid. Flour. Salt. Oil. Water. Sounds easy enough! The dough was easy to mix, and I only had some pink flavored Kool Aid packet. Come to think of it, I've had that packet of drink mix for about 5 years...I just knew I was hanging on to it for a reason :)

Our Kool Aid Playdough smelled great, but because I used whole wheat flour, & red Kool Aid mix, it looked exactly like ground beef! Jessie was crazy enough to taste it, and said it tasted like pure salt in dough form. She wanted me to taste it, but I said she's nuts!

In the slide show below, if you hold your mouse over the individual pictures, words will magically appear!

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