Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hotel Room Pics

I didn't get a chance to post the pictures I took of our Presidential Suite (see my story below!) at the Iberostar. So here's the room, in all it's glory, before we had sunscreen bottles, Legos, flip flops, books, & whatever else strewn about! :)

So we walked in to find this crazy-big Presidential Suite. What a beautiful surprise! Here's the living room, dining room area:

Couches that were comfy & moved all around the living room area to provide the best TV viewing, naps, & comfort for all!

We would find door after door, and opening each one was a fun surprise! This door led to a full kitchen with stove & full fridge. Who the heck needs a stove at an All Inclusive resort with no cooking utensils or pots provided, I will never know. It was a nice touch though. The full fridge, however, was very nice! The maids stocked the fridges daily with all sorts of beverages. Water and Diet Cokes were our favorites, followed closely by the kids with their glass-bottle Cokes. Too bad nobody in our group enjoys drinking beer (or as one of Reese's little friends calls them, "beverages"-Hi Emma Rae!) because those too were free for the taking in the fridges. Our big fridge was VERY generously stocked with loads of bottled water, and even huge multi-gallon jugs of water. So Jeff's coffee and Reese's water in his cup was bottled. Thank goodness. You just never can trust the faucet water in Mexico, and it made me feel better to give the men & boys water I was certain was OK!

The Master Bedroom was very spacious, with a King bed, couch, TV, desk. Tons of space. Beautiful view of the ocean all the way across. We all slept like logs on this great bed. The maids created cute little towel animals each night for everyone. Great room, but VERY slippery floors. The entire set of rooms had marble floors, which look stunning, but are insanely slippery when you're wet from the pool, or shower, or hot tub, or the other hundred times one enters the room wet while on vacation. Luckily, I was the only one who bit the dust on a slippery floor. But that was to blame on my flip flops, that functioned like water skis, & assisted me in doing some dandy splits in the bathroom. Jessie laughed at me. What a loving daughter. :)

This is sitting on the Master bed, the living room is just through the door. Isn't the TV soooo far away? Poor us. I had to push the couch all the way over to the left so that we could both see the TV from bed. Could life possibly get any more tough? I barely made it through this week.

The nice big 'old Master bathroom shower. Reese loved, loved, loved the hand-held shower head thingy. He'd wash himself, help Daddy wash his soap off, try to spray Mommy in the face. Not all in the same set of showers, mind you. But he did love the shower spray nozzle. More marble though. Too crazy slippery if you ask me. Stepping out of this shower with my flip flops on (the last day, getting the clothes off the drying rod in the shower) is where I did my gymnastics stunt and just about pulled a hamstring while I slipped into the splits. Jessie laughed. Turd.

The entire Master bath & vanity area. Lots of space to get ready. I think I did my hair once the whole time. Sure glad I hauled the flat iron, hair spray, hair gel, velcro curlers to vacation. NOT.

As if the room size didn't make our Upgrade status cool, the view from the balcony was SO freakin' cool! Patio chairs (which we never actually used for anything other than drying clothes) would have been so peaceful if it wasn't 10,000 degrees out side. But if you ran out fast, glanced at the ocean, & ran back in, you would only require minimal rehydration. OK, but seriously, it was just too darn hot to lounge outside until it was evening. Then a great breeze would kick up, the sun was not blaring on your skull, and it felt so darn nice. Almost every night there was a wedding on the beach right below our balcony. So I got to watch 3 (or 4?) weddings & get all sappy. One wedding brought me to tears and reminded me of our wedding on the beach in the Bahamas 6 years ago. Ours was way better, but still. A girl can't help but love a wedding :) Even if they are total strangers, and they don't know you're watching from 3 stories up, and you think her dress is ugly. But I digress.
A view from the opposite end of the balcony. OK, so the "hot tub" was more like an outdoor, large bathtub. You'd fill it with a tub faucet, it had jets & an "on" button that matched out tub at home perfectly. Only difference was it was made to fit a few people. So I treated it like our tub at home, & let Reese take his baths out there. Even filled it with baby soap one night & Reese had a big bubble bath outside!
The other not-so-shabby part of our upgraded status was the kids' room! 'Ya see, we paid for two Jr. Suites, and asked that they be joining. So perhaps when they decided to give us the Presidential Suite, they knew we wanted a joining room, so all we were left with was this other HUGE suite! Um, OK! These types of rooms aren't even on the Iberostar website as a choice. Believe me, I checked. As soon as we got home, I tried to see what sort of deal we got with these rooms, but you can't even pick them as a choice! So, the kids ended up with this awesome huge suite. WAY bigger than any Jr. Suite listed on their website. Huge bathroom, loads of closet space. Two nice beds. Full ocean view. You get the picture. Sometimes I feel bad that Austen & Jessie have to experience life's hardships this way. But they're strong, and I know they'll survive.

This last picture is a view from the kids' balcony, which is essentially the view from our balcony as well. I could have this view every morning forever!

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