Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I found some cookie dough that had been in our freezer...sadly...for about 3 years! I bought it from one of Jessie's school fudraisers, and I know we had it in our freezer of our old house, and we moved here in June of 2005...so, yea, it's old! BUT...it tasted completely fresh, which is sort of scary (what did they preserve it with??), but we made some fun cookies with the dough. I ordred this particular dough set because it came in 4 tubs of colors, which I thought would be fun to bake with. We defrosted the blue & green dough...check out the cute cookies!

Here's Jessie's dinosaur cookie. With red lips.

Jessie's smiley face cookie ball. It started as a perfect ball, but "fell" as it baked....I like the smooshed look! :)
Reese & Mommy's Earth cookies. Found the idea in a Better Homes & Gardens magazine in 2001, saved the article, and 6 years later, we made the cookies!

On Saturday we trekked to the mall....Jessie always hates it when I take pictures of ordinary things, like eating lunch at the food court. But she humors me...hey, I gotta have pictures for the Blog!

At Sharper Image, Reese found a REAL light saber! It lit up and made noises and everything. Other than the fact it cost $199, it was a pretty cool toy.

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