Friday, May 18, 2007

What's Been Happening?

Reese got a new liquid chalk spray thing. Reminds me of a power spray painter. It made lots of cool designs on the driveway, and the coolest part is that the squirter gun won't work unless it's pointed directly down!
Martha Steward has NOTHING on me! Mastering the art of care & cooking all at once. I'm making a Cherry Delight dessert for Jeff, while wearing a fun clay face mask. Reese thought it would be funny to take my here 'ya go! (Yes, I look's a bad angle...I'm not pregnant, nor do I have a belly that sticks out like that!)

Reese's self portrait.

Reese wearing his medal from WinKids Gym Class today. He actually was VERY excited about it. But this was the best "look at Mommy & say cheese!" kind of picture I could get!

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