Thursday, April 19, 2007

"I'm Dog The Bounty out bad guys!!"
Playing Dog The Bounty Hunter together. Don't we make a frightening pair?

At our Early Childhood PTA Auction this past Monday, I won a certificate for 2 weeks karate lessons & a uniform. When I told Reese what I had won, he was so amazingly excited! Wednesday evening was his first lesson. First, he was the youngest and smallest in the group. How adorable does this boy look in his outfit? Second, I was so proud that he listened for the entire hour long class! This class had children of all ages--4 years old through highschool age--and there was no "babying it down" for Reese's sake. He jumped right in and picked up on what everyone else was doing and held his own quite well.

Check out the width of that beam he's walking on! The other boys in the class were amazing as well. They were all so helpful to Reese, and the boy on the left side in the blue pants was his "personal teacher"...he stayed by Reese the whole time and helped him with each activity. So the objective here was to walk down the beam while using the swords to fight. Can we say fun? Since McDonald's put Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into the Happy Meal Toy rotation, Reese has been so fascinated with ninjas, karate, etc. Must be that age! So to get a chance to pretend sword fight..what a deal! The boy in the red held Reese steady, and he had just the best time. When we got home from the park today, Daddy surprised Reese with the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie, which Reese is watching this moment sitting next to me. I think it's genetic or something for boys to want to "fight" and use swords and watch ninja movies. I don't ever recall as a child my Barbies fighting with swords :) We have a few more karate classes next week and we'll see if Reese wants to continue!

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