Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fun Aquarium, Fun Soccer, Stinky Bowling

Reese and I went to the Dallas World Aquarium Monday, and this strange turkey-looking bird kept following us as we walked past the glass. There was this one inch space between the panels of glass, and he kept pecking at me through the crevice. Creepy turkey bird!
Reese's picture of Mommy acting like the flamingos. Now THAT'S talent!

Doing a much cuter job...Reese acting like a flamingo at the Aquarium.

Jessie is the little blue & red shirted speck in the goal area. She had a soccer game Monday night, which the won! Jessie didn't see much action on her end of the field the whole game. I think she had her hand on the ball about five times total. Usually, she's constantly having to defend the goal, so this game was a bit of a snoozer for her. Probably good though...she hurt her hamstring at Six Flags this past weekend, and wasn't quite as nimble as usual.

And now I present for your viewing pleasure...Reese Throwing A Fit. I'm not really mean...I already had the camera out ready to take pictures of him playing with his new bowling set. This is what happens when Reese can't master a task immediately. Major Fit. I already had the camera in my back pocket, so I couldn't resist a picture for his "baby book" of a big tantrum. Luckily he stopped quickly and played bowling and had loads of fun. But as you can tell, our first attempt wasn't quite so much fun :)

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