Saturday, April 14, 2007

The birthday cake Jeff made for me. What a good husband...notice the "0" candle? He says we're not counting bday years anymore. What a man!
Look what the Easter Bunny brought!!!!!!!! He even dropped his carrot by the door when he ran out. We decided that the dogs must have scared him away.

Austen and Sissy stopped by on Easter to bring some special treats for all of us. What a nice surprise! They also brought their dog, Koda, for a visit :) Reese could ride her like a horse!

We visited Grammie, GGMa, and Pottsie in Round Rock this week. On the way to Round Rock in the car, Reese said he wanted Pottsie's yummy garlic bread. So Reese called him and asked if he would make some, and sure enough Pottsie said yes! You see, Reese can eat almost an entire loaf of Pottsie's garlic bread if we let's one of his favorite things. We had one happy boy when Pottsie pulled out the garlic bread!

We also celebrated my birthday with Grammie, GGMa, and Pottsie. Reese picked out this cake with Grammie & Grammie had some great party hats for everyone to wear.
Grammie's famous $10 Quarter Roll! Reese and Grammie love to take the quarter roll and visit the mall for the rides!
Fun egg hunting at GGMa's. We were supposed to do our egg hunt with Reed & Luke next door on Easter Sunday, but it was sooooo cold that we decided not to. So I brought the 60 eggs to GGMa's and Reese and Kyla hunted them Monday when the weather was nice! Grammie and Seth (Kyla's Daddy) hid them while Melanie and I entertained the munchkins inside.

Reese and Kyla after their big hunt. Both baskets were almost overflowing & heavy! They had a blast together.
The bluebonnets were just stunning this year, and Reese had his first bluebonnet pictures taken.

On the way home, Reese had to stop and pee. We pulled off the highway in Salado, and came across this COOL fence topped all the way around with old bicycles! We ended up playing & checking out the bicycles and then shopping in the stores for about 30 minutes before we hit the road again. FUN!

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