Monday, March 26, 2007

Things I love about Spring...

Things I love about Spring....

A bird's nest full of eggs. The beauty of the nest itself...ribbon, fuzzy pieces, twigs. The speckled eggs with the promise of life.

Coming back just days later to find a new baby bird in the nest. Mama bird in the tree close by watching my every move. Knowing that in just days we'll have a nest full of babies.

The Azaleas that bloom a vibrant purple, my favorite color. The speckled middles that remind me of orchids.

Seeing the blooms from the bulbs we planted in the Fall. Knowing that in each of those ugly little bulbs lived a beautiful daffodil waiting to come out. The excitement Reese has when another flower makes it's way up.

This has nothing to do with Spring, but it's something I love, so I had to include it:)
My husband, with all his wonderful anal-retentive ways, measuring the lasagna so he could cut it into even pieces. I don't think I know anyone else who has taken the measuring tape to a pan of fresh cooked lasagna! :)

Happy Spring, Friends & Family!

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