Friday, March 09, 2007

Go Jessie!!!

Jessie competed in her first track & field meet yesterday...and she took 2nd place in discus! We're so proud of Jessie--and I think Jessie got Jeff's "sports gene." She has been on the A Team at school for Volleyball, Basketball, Archery, and now Track. She is also in the UIL Competition seems that, like Jeff, Jessie is able to pick up a new sport and run with it. I never had that ability :)

And another cool development in the Williams house...

Ever since a trip to Cancun at 1 1/2, and they had milk that tasted different, Reese has refused to drink milk in any form or flavor. After seeing a commercial on TV for Special K cereal with milk, he wanted Mommy to make the "K Cereal". Ah, commercials... Anyhow--he shared some Coco Puff cereal with me, and wanted to drink the milk at the end. WHAT? Sure enough, he drank the entire cup of milk left. Then last night he asked for more, so we made some Ovaltine Chocolate Milk, and he drank that too. I'm amazed and shocked, but sure glad he'll drink milk now!

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