Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekend Happenings...

000Playing "Mercs" at home. We have some arcade games in our gameroom & one of them has the 1980s game called "Mercs"'s an army type game. Reese LOVES it and uses Mommy's belt & this hat from Grammie has his Mercs outfit.
On Friday & Saturday, Jessie had a basketball tournament. Her team didn't win the tournament, but Jessie had two amazing games & scored lots of baskets! Below, Reese is using Mommy's video camera to take some movies during the game. Check out Jessie's slick moves! She's number 52...

Reese cheering Jessie on!

Some yummy strawberry bread that Reese & Mommy made together. Well, half the mini-loaf at least. We gobbled up the other half! :)

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