Saturday, January 06, 2007

Reese asked to dress to match Mommy we sported matching Bears jerseys. Go Bears!
Daddy fixing Reese's guitar. It didn't come with a peg to hold his guitar strap on the neck, just one on the bottom. So Daddy put a screw into the side & now....
The guitar strap works perfectly!
Using the thermometer to check the bears' temperatures. Or as Reese says, the "fongmomoter"
Buddy watching Reese play.
Reese refuses to drink milk, but will eat cheese happily. I was glad to find another way to get some dairy into his diet...he LOVES making and eating chocolate pudding. In the bowl he eats, he's getting 1/2 cup of milk, and that makes me happy!
Playing bug eyes with Daddy...funny boys...
Daddy wearing the Bug Eyes...and wrestling with Reese. I don't think I could have laughed any harder!

Visiting Austen at work on Saturday night. It's always fun to pop in & grab dinner at Taco Bell and say hi to Austen, especially when it's not their weekend to be at our house!

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