Saturday, December 30, 2006

Birds of Baltusrol

Reese has a few birdfeeders outside his playroom & we love to check in to see who's eating. Today's guests...

A beautiful woodpecker with a bright red feather head. I LOVE this guy! He's so colorful. His favorite food is the suet cake we have out. Reese & I have plans to make some of our own suet cakes to see if the birds like them better.

These sweet little brown birds are everywhere & love to hang out at the birdfeeder. I need to figure out what kind of bird this is...we have so many of them!

Other than the woodpecker (my new favorite bird!), the male Cardinal is the most beautiful bird around here in my opinion. Check out the black markings on his face. These guys love any food we put out, & have such a distinctive bird call that I can hear them from inside & know we've got a cardinal visiting!

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