Tuesday, November 14, 2006

College Day!

Saturday was Bobcat Day at Texas State University, & it was with much excitement that we took Austen to check it out! We woke up at 3:30am, picked up Denise & the kids at 4:30am and made our drive to Round Rock. Grammie met up with us & took Reese for the day so he could have fun with Grammie, GGMa, & GGPa instead of sitting through informational sessions & walking the campus. After leaving Reese with Grammie, we headed on down to San Marcos & had a great day touring the campus, checking out the dorms, & hearing all about Texas State.

Not much has changed since I graduated from there 8 years ago. It felt so familiar walking the campus...and it was really neat to share my old school with Austen. Who knows if he'll end up going there, but it was GREAT to spend the whole day all together.

After our big college day, we stopped for a BIG lunch before picking up Reese from Grammie & driving back to Flower Mound. Eight hours of driving total, lots of snoozing from the peanut gallery in the back, & a beautiful day walking outside. What a day!

Listening to the gal talk during the campus tour.

Look at all those pretty trees! And look at those handsome Williams!

Texas State University & San Marcos are smack dab in the middle of the migration path of the Monarch butterflies as they head south to Mexico. There was a great bush with tons of tiny white flowers that the Monarchs were swarming around. Jessie was trying to catch one!

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