Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sounds of Lewisville

Reese & I went to the Sounds of Lewisville outdoor concert last night...Le Freak was playing and oh my gosh...this was one of the greatest musical experiences Reese has ever had!

These guys are total a total cornball funk band. Check out the picture I took of the band, and you get the picture:

They were actually reall good, and Reese really, really got into the music. As I've said before, this boy always manages to get onstage with the band somehow, and tonight was no exception! He was pulled up for YMCA & one for The Hustle. He was just so excited & of course, I have some videos below. If we ever find Le Freak in concert again in a kid-friendly setting, we'll definately be going!

This was just pure greatness!

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Harper Family said...

A star is born!!! How cute is he!