Thursday, September 07, 2006

Do I have it backwards?

I read an article in a publication called Suburban Parent by Ken Swarner called "Grandma is in Charge!". Here's a little bit of his opinion...

"As far as they are concerned, grandmas can dump 100 pounds of sugar down their grandchildren's throats and it's no one's business. They believe they are in their rights to buy their grandchildren toys even when the little cherubs have been naughty. And they don't even bother to justify why they let the little ones stay up past their bedtimes. It's a grandma's perogative, they'll say. It's treason, I say."

I couldn't disagree more! When Grammie is in charge, I honestly could care less if it's chocolate cake for breakfast, nature walks at the crack of dawn, or whatever else Grammie may feel like doing.

I remember when I was little, my Grandma would pop some popcorn & we would sit in her bed together, eat popcorn, & watch a TV...our little Popcorn Party. So what if Grandma was OK with sleeping in popcorn crumbs? That little indulgence sticks with me to this day.

I say if Grammie has the energy to take the kids to play at Chuck E. Cheese, then ride the kiddy rides at the mall, & then go on a playdate...go for it! Those special treats will be things that are remembered as "special" things Grammie did.

I guess it boils down to this...I know Grammie has safety as priority #1, and I know that a balanced meal will be had somewhere along the extra sweets, or a late bedtime, or even a new special toy are Grammie's perogative. And I'm GLAD she has that perogative!

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