Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ah, storage disks....

Reese & I were going through some old disks that I had saved TONS of family pictures on....dating back to our wedding in 2001. The great thing about digital cameras & videos is that they store so easily on CDs in such a small amount of space, & there's no extra cost to save ALL the goofy pictures as well as the good ones.

I came across these photos that Jessie & I created with some software a few years ago. We had the most fun time making these, & I fondly remember laughing until it hurt when we were doing these. Couldn't help but post them...I'll have to sort through some of the other storage CDs & post pictures from way back when... Reese & I spent about 45 minutes watching videos from when he was about 1 year old...gave me the "baby itch"...first time I've EVER had much of a baby itch since Reese has been born. Shhhh...don't tell Jeff...that's definately not in the plans :)

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