Monday, August 07, 2006

Wiggles Live!

Anyone with a child born within the last 10 years knows all about The Wiggles. They're a group of 4 Australian guys who sing & dance...much to the delight of the preschool crowd everywhere. Well, they were making their way through Dallas & Mommy decided to drag everyone (sans Austen...couldn't talk him into going) to the Wiggles Live. It was a real effort to actually get to the music arena...bad directions, construction on the roads with NO detour signs, & a minor time crunch made the drive quite a challenge. But once we arrived & found our seats, all was well! Jeff & I decided that trying out for the Amazing Race would be a BAD idea...I'm the world's worst navigator, & he does not like to be lost :)

The show was actually entertaining, and it was fun to see how in awe Reese was of the 4 Wiggles. I was surprised how many times they came & walked through the audience, shaking hands, taking pictures, & what not. I don't think I've ever been to a major concert event where the "stars" were so accessible. If our seats hadn't been in the middle of a row, I might have just been one of "those" parents who carried their kids to a Wiggle as they walked through the audience for a photo op :)

We ended up sitting right in front of a friend of mine & her kiddos. I must not be quite the Wiggles fan I thought, because I didn't know that if you brought roses, then Dorothy the Dinosaur would come around & collect them. Ya see...Dorothy is one of the characters of the Wiggles clan, & she eats red roses. There's actually songs about eating red roses...rosy tea...bla bla bla. Anyway--my friend Vanessa was kind enough to share a few roses with Reese, so that's why he's waving roses in the air...waiting to give them to Dorothy.

After the show, we stopped at Carabas for some great food. Can we say lobster ravioli? YUM! We all missed Austen for the day...and were glad to get home & see him again!

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