Saturday, August 26, 2006

Who can resist a Mule Rodeo?

The North Texas State Fair was in town last week, so Reese & I headed out to the fair for the "Mule Rodeo" night. Yes, only in Texas can we one-up a regular rodeo! The cowboys & cowgirls did all the traditional rodeo events (team roping, barrel racing, etc.) that a regular rodeo would have, excpet they all rode mules instead of horses. It was pretty comical watching the cowboys try to make the mules do ANYTHING...they clearly had a mind of their own.

Along with the rodeo, there was live music, a carnival midway, a stock show (where Reese watched a quite endowed bull being shown & asked "Mommy, what's THAT?", pointing to the bull's large, um, privates), and great carnival food. Reese's favorite ride the entire night was the ferris wheel. Not the rinky dink little kid version...oh no...this is the big one. I, myself, am quite afraid of heights, & have watched one too many Amazing Videos shows on was all I could do not to imagine one of us falling out of the ferris wheel car thingy. I had one hand gripping the rail of the car, & the other hand gripping Reese's leg so tight. I was MORE than ready for the ride to be over, especially every time we stopped at the very top. UGH.... But, Reese, Mr. Fearless, thought it was the greatest thing in the world. He loved seeing everything from way up high & actually got excited when we stopped so high up. Yikes...I was so glad to get off that ride & put Reese on something else not so high in the air!

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