Saturday, August 12, 2006

Visiting Grammie's New House

Helping Grammie make french toast. Yummy Yummy!!

Grammie saves all sorts of great things from my childhood, and this green telephone is one of those things. I remember playing with this phone ALL the time, and was so tickled when Reese found it in the closet at Grammie's new house. He spent lots of time making important phone calls!!

GGMa & GGPa (what Reese calls his Great Grandpa & Great Grandma) have a great water park in their neighborhood, and Reese had loads of fun playing in the water fountains. GGMa even thought ahead & wore her bathing suit to the pool so she & Reese could swim together! He impressed everyone with his new-found ability to swim by himself.

Another treat Reese gets to do at GGPa & GGMa's house is play golf inside. Yes, giving a 3 year old golf lessons in the house is questionable, but when you're visiting GGPa, the sky is the limit! :)

Pottsie brought Reese a great new fishing pole for his birthday. After a few casting lessons, Reese was a pro. He stood on Grammie's balcony & fished and fished. Tucker & Savannah (Grammie's pugs) weren't too sure at first, but they learned to steer clear!

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