Saturday, August 19, 2006

Congrats Jessie!

Jessie tried out for her school's 7th Grade Volleyball team this week & we found out last night that she made the team!!! We're so proud of Jessie...she had to give up every afternoon after school this past week for tryouts, but we're glad it paid off! I didn't have any volleyball pictures of Jessie that I could find, so here's a few of her self portraits. This girl loves to take photo montages of herself making faces. I probably have 100 pictures like these. SO funny to find them when I'm going through my camera! Congrats to Jessie...we can't wait to cheer her on!

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The Ards said...

How funny! Kelsey loves to take crazy pictures of herself too!! Must be a teenage girl thing! Your kids are growing up - they are all gorgeous!! :)